psssstt…. wanna buy a BOOK??

a few years ago, i took a gamble, and self-published a book of knitting patterns – six knitted accessories by some fantastic designers, plus a stitching pattern and an amazing cake recipe. i was, and still am, really happy with the book and super proud of its creation!!

unfortunately, this gamble didn’t quite pay off – i went into it with more enthusiasm than knowledge, and didn’t quite match up supply with demand!!

i could have done a funded-in-advance campaign, and just printed what was needed based on those sales. but it’s always really stressed me out to take money from customers for a product that doesn’t actually exist yet – i worry something will go wrong and i won’t be able to fulfill my end of the bargain, and will end up letting people down.

so i opted to just take a guess at how many copies i thought i could sell – and it turns out, i overestimated slightly.
i’m still in love with this book, and happy that i took that leap into the unknown. but i also think that sometimes it’s ok to say “well, that didn’t work out quite like i thought”, and decide to move on.

all this is to say that i still have a lot (like, a LOT a lot) of books left, and i’d really like to get them sold!! so i’ve heavily discounted the remaining stock online and would love it if you could buy one if you haven’t already, or share this around if you already own a copy but think someone you know should own one too!!

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