so long, and thanks for all the yarn

lately, i’ve been making some Big Decisions.

as i’m sure most folks already know, the past few years have been rough on small businesses – Brexit, COVID, postal strikes, increased costs for everything, & so on & so on.

i’ve been feeling more & more that this small business just isn’t sustainable long term, but wasn’t really sure what i could do about it – finding paid, sustainable employment as an autistic person isn’t always easy (& in fact was what led me to become self-employed in the first place!).

earlier this year i took a short course in coding, & just fell in love with it! i was really lucky to then be accepted to the Code First Girls CFG Degree this summer to study more intensively, & step into a full-time job role at the end of the course this fall.

i’m super excited to have found something that i’m really interested in, in an industry that’s actively seeking to hire more neurodiverse people & make sure the support is in place for us to thrive! but i’m also really sad to say that with this new course of study & job role, it means that Old Maiden Aunt Yarns will be coming to an end.

as of 1st june i’ll be discounting everything in the web shop to sell off all remaining stock – i don’t have tons of base yarn left to dye so if you’re really keen to get your hands on something let me know! i’ll also be taking the dyed-to-order yarns out of stock as i have a very limited amount of some bases & will be taking custom dye requests for those via email only.

i’m aiming to have all OMA operations wound down by the end of july at the latest so i can really concentrate on the final few weeks of coursework; at that point i’ll also be looking to sell off some fixtures & fittings so if you’re interested in gridwall, pots, burners etc please get in touch!

if you have outstanding gift cards please use them ASAP; there’s also still about £200 in the Community Yarn Fund so if you’d like to request community-funded yarn please let me know (otherwise it will be donated to charity when i close).

finally, thank you all SO MUCH. it’s been an amazing 16 years & i’ve loved building this community here. i’m really sad to be leaving OMA behind, but excited to see what this next chapter brings 💗💔💗

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  1. Felix 01/06/2023 at 11:32 am #

    Dear Lilith, I have just been writing about the design I did for your book – Coming Home – and thinking about the many amazing things you’ve created and done within this community; you will be missed as a voice of kindness, inclusion and advocacy as well as for your beautiful and thoughtful dyeing work. But I am so happy and my heart is full to hear that you have found something that fulfils you, makes you happy, fits with your amazing mind, and that feels more sustainable and fulfilling for you, long-term. It’s tough out here in independent, single-person, creative-business ownership and I hope your new role will give you all the love and support and creative fulfilment you need and deserve. Hugest hugs to your next chapter and thank you for everything you have given to the yarn world <3