Loop exclusive!!!

as most of you might already know, the marvellous Loop in London has been a longtime stockist of my alpaca/silk sportweight yarn. ¬†this lush base has always been a good seller at Loop, but for some reason, it’s a bit of a tricky seller for me – i don’t know if you need to feel it to fully appreciate it, but for whatever reason, it’s always been a bit hit & miss for me online.

i’ve previously mentioned having to take a look at the way that i work, and making some changes to make things a little better for me. at the moment, i stock fifteen different types of yarn, in over sixty colourways, which is a LOT. so some of the changes that i’m going to be making will have to include taking a long, hard look at my yarns & colourways, and trying to figure out how i can streamline my range a little bit.

this process is possibly not going to be very popular with some folk, but i think i’m going to have to be reasonable, and possibly ruthless, and really look at what my best sellers are – and sadly, that’s going to mean letting go of quite a few colourways and one or more base yarns.

so here’s the first step – as of now, the alpaca/silk base yarn is becoming a Loop exclusive! i won’t be stocking this yarn any more, and have discounted the rest of my current stock to clear it out of the studio & my online shop. once it’s gone, i won’t be dyeing any more for the OMA shop, but don’t fret – i’ll still be dyeing this yarn, in a more limited range of colourways, and sending it to Loop’s gorgeous shop in London where you’ll be able to buy it in person or from their website. i’m excited about this collaboration, as it means i’ll free up some space in my studio to work on some new & interesting things, Loop will get to keep a yarn that sells really well for them, and my lovely customers will still be able to get their hands on the lush alpaca/silk sportweight (just not from me!).

in the meantime, if you want to snap up a few bargain skeins, you can find the remainder of my alpaca/silk stock here – but get it fast, because it won’t last!!!

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