it’s alive!!!

well, if you’re here reading this, you might notice that things have changed around here. that’s right – the new website is live!!!

there are still quite a few things to sort out – we couldn’t do a bulk import of product records from the old website, so that means i have to add each product one at a time. there are also two new reference pages, “Yarn Bases” & “Colourways” – the idea is that (eventually!) these will show all the standard yarn bases that i dye, and all the colourways in my range. that way customers can refer to those pages to see sample shots of all the base yarns and all the standard colourways, even if they aren’t available for sale.

although there is still a lot of work to do, i am really pleased with how my new website is shaping up so far! to be honest, web design is not my strong suit, so i have been getting a lot of tips from my best friend. she was telling me about all of the things I would need to consider to make my new site better. I didn’t realize just how much hard work it would be. I had spent most of my time comparing wordpress vs wix to see which one was better for my website. I wanted to make sure that I used one that would make my life easier, as well as one that was manageable. a good content management system can make or break the success of your site, so this was really important to me. I wanted to see how the two differed. for example, I’d heard that WordPress would be the better site if I was focusing on eCommerce because it allows me to expand my business a lot easier than it would with Wix. whereas the latter may be better if I was looking to create a blog. in the end, I think I did a pretty good job of comparing the two of them because I think I found the one that suited my needs more. although, at the end of the day, my friend knew best, so I’m extremely thankful that she’s giving me a helping hand. you see, she has recently launched a brand new website for her business after working with a web development agency. consequently, if you have ever wanted to know about the processes involved in designing a website you can learn more about the benefits of working with a web development agency here:

i cannot wait for everything to be finished. anyway, at the moment, i’m gradually adding photos & details to the different pages myself; after Edinburgh Yarn Fest, though, the marvellous Jeni Reid will be coming out to the studio to take professional photos of the bases & colourways for these pages so hopefully you can bear with my (slightly less than professional!) shots until then.

although i’m currently deep in Edinburgh Yarn Fest prep (oh, the madness!!!) i’m trying to add more stock to the new web shop every day, so if you’re not seeing something that you want please keep checking back! at the moment, i’m focusing on adding the items that i actually have in stock rather than spending time creating product records for items that i don’t actually have; this doesn’t mean that certain yarns or colourways aren’t available anymore, just that a) i might not have them physically in stock, and/or b) i just haven’t gotten to them yet! if you’re truly desperate to buy something specific definitely send me an email and i’ll try to get it in stock for you asap.

there are also a few things to be cleaned up in the meuns and the general layout of the web shop pages; you can also drop by this thread on Ravelry if you’d like to leave any feedback or special requests for how you’d like the website to work (i can’t promise i’ll be able to do everything that folk are asking for, but it’s worth adding your feedback as you may have come up with something i haven’t thought of yet!).

i’ve had the first few orders come through on the new web shop this week and it’s been VERY exciting, almost like when i very first started selling online! thank you so much for all sticking with me through this BIG change, and for being patient while i gradually get everything sorted out behind the scenes – i really appreciate it more than i can say.

2 Responses to it’s alive!!!

  1. Rebecca Jordan-Hull 15/05/2018 at 3:41 pm #

    Your yarn color ways are gorgeous! Are you a internet shop only or do you have a physical shop? I would love to visit next summer if you have a shop!

    • oldmaidenaunt 27/06/2018 at 11:04 am #

      hi, i’ve just moved to a home studio so i’m no longer open to visitors. sorry about that!!