hey you!!!

hey you! yes, you!! wanna buy some YARN???!?

i’ve been doing a bit of a studio tidy, and have decided that some of this yarn has been sitting on the shelves for far too long, so i’m running a surprise spring-cleaning sale!! all older dyelot stock is currently 20% off – that’s essentially anything that wasn’t dyed in 2021, which is quite a few skeins of yarn!

it’s enough yarn, in fact, that i couldn’t fit everything into the first batch of discounted stock (my Shopify plan only allows me to put 100 items on automatic discount at once). this means that not everything has been discounted yet that will be, but i need to sell some of the discounted yarn first so i can add the rest of the listings to the discount.

not everything will be marked down, as freshly-dyed yarn isn’t included in the sale; the discount isn’t shown on the listings, & will only show up once you put items in your basket, so it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt sale as well.  so put your pirate hats on & get ready to look for some sale treasures!!!

i haven’t set an end date yet for this as i still have quite a few items to add, but can only do this once some stock has already sold – so keep checking back and feel free to place as many orders as you like before your favourites disappear!

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