HELP WANTED – Edinburgh Yarn Fest!!!

as you may or may not know (but really, how could you not know??!?) Edinburgh Yarn Fest is back for another year!!!

in previous years, it’s been a big, busy event – but last year, it was UNBELIEVABLE. i thought i had dyed enough yarn and found enough help, but…..


i was completely overwhelmed – it was amazing, but SO BUSY, and i really struggled. i’m not great at crowds, or noise, or chatting to loads and loads and LOADS of people (bloody autism), and at the end of the two days, i was shattered. and this year, it’s a THREE DAY EVENT (cue screaming!!!).

i’m dyeing even more yarn that last year, and could do with more help as well – which is (hopefully!) where you, lovely readers, come in! i’m looking for helpers to do half day shifts on the Old Maiden Aunt stand at this year’s EYF and help out with sales, assisting customers, tidying up yarn, and anything else that might come up.

here’s what you need to know:

  • you need to be familiar with OMA base yarns and colourways, and comfortable helping with questions about the yarns.
  • all sales will be added up using the iZettle app and you will need to be able to process cash and card payments. this means you will need to either be familiar with iZettle already, or be close enough to West Kilbride that we can meet up ahead of EYF and go through how to use iZettle in the weeks before the show.
  • you need to be comfortable in a busy environment (or at least comfortable enough to be able to make it through a half day shift!) and happy to chat to customers.

  • and in return, here’s what’s in it for you:

  • you’ll be paid the UK minimum wage for the hours that you work (hurrah!).
  • you’ll have access to a vendor pass for the full day that you’re working, even though you’ll only be asked to commit to a half day shift (ie if you’re working thursday morning, you can hang on to the vendor pass for thursday afternoon and have a wander around the marketplace!!).
  • you get to help other knitters find gorgeous yarns & enhance their stash!
  • and finally, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve probably stopped me from hiding under the table and rocking back & forth instead of running my stand like the professional yarn dyer that i am.

  • if any of that sounds good, please get in touch!! email me (info AT oldmaidenaunt DOT com) using the subject line “EYF helper” and let me know your details – name (actual and ravelry/instagram/twitter), location, skills (familiarity with iZettle, OMA products, knit/crochet, languages, previous yarn show experience, whatever!). also include your availability – can you do any of the three days, or specific times? are you only available for one half day shift, or do you want to do more? and is there anything else awesome that i should know about you? do you bake, & will you bring me cookies? (just kidding! well, maybe not kidding….)

    i think EYF is amazing, and i know it would be a blast for OMA friends/customers/family to all be there working together – i’m excited to hear from you!!!

    3 Responses to HELP WANTED – Edinburgh Yarn Fest!!!

    1. Jo Ferguson 04/01/2018 at 5:42 pm #

      Hi able to offer help onFriday afternoon or the Saturday if that’s any good, I use iZettle sometimes in a coffee room, I’m only over in Dalry so can come over to the studio if you want. I’ve got classes on the other days
      Jo Ferguson

    2. Diane 13/01/2018 at 9:23 am #

      I too could perhaps help Saturday! I will message you.

    3. Elaine Hamilton 01/03/2018 at 8:46 pm #

      I’m able to help on the Saturday if that is any good . I can pop in to see you regarding iiZettle . I’m used to working in noisy/ busy environments -) Elaine