yes, i’ve caved.

well, not being a trend-follower, i’ve tried not to have a blog for months… but have been tempted into it by kerrie’s 30 things contest – i mean, who wouldn’t want to win £30 worth of hipknits yarn?? so to start off the blog, and by way of introducing myself, here’s my 30 things:
1. i can recite the entire poem “mice” by rose flyeman, but only in a yorkshire accent, since i learned it at a primary school in yorkshire when i was a child & was visiting my cousins.
2. i cannot, for the life of me, pronounce the words “poseidon” & “gibraltar” – even though i know how you’re meant to say them, i just can’t do it.
3. i drank vinegar as a child, because i liked the taste. not just once, either – repeatedly.
4. i constantly twirl my hair – it’s a nervous tic.
5. speaking of tics, i scrunch my nose up from time to time to readjust my glasses. when i first started dating my partner, she thought i had a severe facial tic but was too polite to say anything.
6. i can’t touch my toes – my hamstrings are permanently too short because i spent about a year walking on tiptoe when i was little (i don’t know why).
7. people who pluck off their eyebrows & draw in new ones freak me out.
8. although i’ve lived in scotland for nearly 7 years now, i’m still oblivious to football to the extent that i periodically have to ask “are celtic the green ones?”
9. i can’t watch any movies that are even remotely scary – i’m a total wimp.
10. but i watch “supernatural” every week & i’m really disappointed that the last one is this week!
11. i hate mispronunciations or bad grammar.
12. like kerrie, i love to eat beans & rice, although i hardly ever do it now that someone cooks my dinner nearly every night.
13. i’m allergic to alpaca.
14. i’m currently obsessed with cashmere.
15. i’m getting a spinning wheel next week!!
16. i’m secretly annoyed that it’s summer because i get a sunburn within about 5 minutes of going outside.
17. i’m also turning 30, but not until next month.
18. i’ll be in paris when it happens, so i can spend the day in a haze of chocolatines & wine.
19. and as if by fate/good luck, i’ll be staying about a block away from what is reportedly the best yarn shop in the city!
20. i’m originally from canada.
21. it really annoys me when people ask me why i would want to live in scotland (mostly because i don’t have a good answer). a canadian friend, who moved quite a lot, used to get so annoyed at people asking if she was “here for good”, that she would reply, deadpan, “no, i’m here for evil”.
22. i love mystery novels, especially older english ones like arthur conan doyle & agatha christie.
23. the first date i had with my now-partner, we went to see “microcosmos” – a film about bugs, and not your usual first-date fare!
24. bugs are cool, unless they have too many legs & they’re crawling on me.
25. i want to learn how to drive a tractor – it seems like it would be fun.
26. i may be hindered in this by my complete inability to drive anything other than an automatic shift – i can’t drive manual to save my life.
27. my (automatic!) car is called mortimer, because of this kid’s book – when i got him, he wasn’t in great shape, and he said “cling, clang, rattle bing bang”.
28. if i had to pick only one kind of chocolate, i’d choose reeses peanut butter cups.
29. there’s no way i could ever pick only one kind of chocolate.
30. i secretly didn’t think i could make it to 30 things!!
well, that’s it for now…

2 Responses to yes, i’ve caved.

  1. soCherry 14/06/2006 at 4:07 pm #

    yay! Welcome to the world of blogging!
    as addictive as knitting
    Elaine xx

  2. veritas 23/06/2006 at 3:34 am #

    bug related movies are the best first date material ever. EVER! te he…

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