yarn club – experimental

exciting news – after a wee hiatus, Old Maiden Aunt Yarns is once again running a yarn club!!! the theme this year is EXPERIMENTAL….

the format for this club will be slightly different from previous clubs, so this blog post will hopefully answer any & all club related questions that you might have.

  • what format will the club take? this year, the club will consist of three parcels shipped once per month; each parcel will have two skeins of the superwash merino 4ply in two different club colourways. this means that at the end of the club you will have six skeins of superwash merino 4ply in six different club colourways. the yarn base will be the same throughout so you can mix & match colourways if you want to use them together in bigger projects.
  • when will the shipments be? shipments will be sent the first week of each month in december, january, and february. this means you can ask for it (or treat yourself!) as an early christmas present!!
  • will double memberships be available? not this year, sorry! there’s nothing to stop you buying two club memberships for yourself if you think you might be absolutely desperate for more skeins of the club colourways, but i won’t be able to combine shipping or refund excess shipping costs.
  • what can i expect from the club colourways this year? without giving too much away (the mystery is part of the club fun!) i can tell you that just as the theme suggests, the colourways will be a bit of a departure from my normal range. you can probably expect more variegated or multi-layered colourways, splashes, speckles, and a bit of mad dyepot science.
  • will the colourways be available after the club is over? nope!! this year, the colourways are CLUB ONLY, and won’t be offered for sale once the club is over.
  • when will the club go up for sale? club memberships will go live in the web shop around midday on saturday 4th november, and will remain available for sale for one week, or until the memberships run out.
  • how many memberships will be available? there will be exactly 100 memberships for sale; any more than that and it becomes overwhelming for me to dye & organise!
  • how much will the club cost? a UK membership will be £115; a European membership will be £125; and an International membership will be £130.
  • will there be anything else included in the club? not this year – just the yarn!! in previous years i’ve added club “extras” around the club theme; these are super fun but also really tricky to source, and add to the overall cost of the club.
  • if the club is yarn-only, why is the price higher than just buying six skeins of yarn? there’s a few of reasons why the club price is set as it is. my materials costs continue to increase year on year, and i probably don’t put my prices up as often as i should. i’m planning to revise my overall pricing structure in the new year; since this club runs into 2018, i’m setting the “per skein” price closer to what the new price for this yarn base will be. the club colourways are also more labour-intensive than my standard colour range; additionally, as they won’t be available for sale outwith the club, that adds value & cost to the club skeins compared to skeins from my regular range. i always try to keep my prices fair and accessible, but i also need to look at what the club colours are going to cost me to produce, and set my prices accordingly.
  • i have a question that you haven’t answered here!! leave me a comment in this post, or feel free to pop over to my Ravelry group, where i’ll set up a club thread for any questions or comments. and definitely check back in the web shop on 4th november; i have a feeling these memberships will go fast!!!
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