tomatoes & marigolds

earlier this year, i was contacted by Sarah, who organises the Flower Power Fund to raise money for Marie Curie.  if you aren’t already familiar with Marie Curie, they’re a charity organisation that provides help and support to people with terminal illness.  although their initial focus was associated with cancer care, they now provide help to anyone dealing with terminal illness; they can offer support and advice via the phone or through in-person volunteer helpers as well as providing frontline nurses and palliative hospice care.  they also support the family of the patient throughout the process, and campaign for better end of life care through their policy work and research.  they’re a charitable organisaion and rely on donations to continue to provide their services for free to all patients & families in need, and with everything else that’s been going on this year, they’re struggling.

as many of you will already know, my lovely dad died of cancer in early 2001; he would have been 79 this month.  so when Sarah contacted me to ask if i’d be one of the dyers for this year’s Flower Power Fund fundraising, i asked if i could have october, so i could celebrate my dad.

photo ID: a photo of lilith and her dad in a parking lot, being goofy & pretending to fly a kite.

my dad was kind of a goof.  he had a great singing voice & played guitar & autoharp.  he loved telling stories & singing songs, the sillier the better.  he adored bad puns & terrible jokes, and laughed a lot, even towards the end.  for a while, he was an occasional music & drama teacher in the school we all went to, which was equal parts hilarious and completely embarassing (especially when i hit my teenage years!).  although we mostly got along great, we definitely had our disagreements – because of his upbringing & his religious beliefs, he had a really hard time when i got my first girlfriend.  but ultimately he just wanted me to be happy, and did everything he could to make sure i was.  from my dad, i get my love of awful puns & ridiculous jokes.  i get my ability to make up silly songs for every occasion, and my musical talent.  i get my seriously sweet tooth, and my enjoyment of bad action movies.  and hopefully, i also get his kind and caring nature.

he wasn’t a massively keen gardener, so i definitely haven’t inherited any skills in that area from him (although i’m working on my green thumb!).  but one thing he did absolutely love to grow was tomatoes.  his tomatoes were epic – they took over nearly one whole side of the house (chosen because it had the best sunlight), and he was immensely proud of them (and with good reason, they were delicious!).  the only other thing i ever saw him plant were marigolds, lined up in tight ranks around the tomato plants, and only because they would protect the tomatoes from pests.  to this day, when i smell fresh ripe tomatoes, i think of my dad.

photo ID: a side by side photo of cherry tomatoes on a stem and a marigold flower

so for this month’s Flower Power Fund fundraiser, i’ve dyed a new colourway called “tomatoes & marigolds”, in honour of my dad.  i’ve combined & layered reds, yellows, & oranges, with just a touch of green.  it will only be available on the superwash merino 4ply base, and will only be available until the end of october.  the yarn will be priced at £18 per skein, and £5 per skein sold will be donated to Marie Curie.

photo ID: three skeins of yarn in layered shades of red, orange, and yellow.

the listing is in the web shop now, and the first batch of ready-to-ship skeins will be added to the online stock on 1st october.  if those sell out, i’ll switch to pre-orders, so there will be plenty of time to get your hands on some before the end of the month!

thank you Sarah for asking me to participate – i hope we can all help raise lots of money for Marie Curie in memory of my wonderful dad.


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