the holiday is over

& it’s back to porridge & old clothes, as my mother would say. alas, my paris photos are on a friend’s camera memory card, & i haven’t been able to upload them yet, so no photos yet!
paris was excellent. i’m not the kind of person who goes on holiday to “do things”, so there was no climbing the eiffel tower or trekking through the louvre or waiting in an enormous queue to see inside notre dame. instead, there was a lot of sitting in cafes, a lot of eating delicious things, & an awful lot of drinking wine.
and of course, a visit here… much yarn was fondled, and much yarn was bought (again, photos to come). and despite the slightly off-putting review of the staff on this page, i didn’t have any problems at all – the women who helped me buy my yarn were super-friendly & very helpful, and didn’t care about my mangled french & eventual lapse into english.
and of course, it was 38 degree heat for the whole week (one night it was still 30 degrees at midnight!) so i didn’t wear arisaig at all. typical…

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