spring/summer mitts-a-long!!!

hi folks, it’s been a while! sorry for the radio silence over here; things got a little crazy with some personal stuff as well as the total chaos of Edinburgh Yarn Fest prep, and blogging slid to the bottom of the huge, endless pile of things-to-do. now that spring weather has started appearing here in Scotland, though, i’m feeling a little sunnier, and am starting to dig my way out of the old and think about the new.

you may have already seen on my Ravelry group or on instagram that the fabulous Felix of KnitSonik & i are planning a spring/summer mitts-a-long KAL, which i’m very excited about! the rules are very simple:

  1. cast on a pair of mitts on or after 1st may, and finish them on or before 31st july!
  2. you can use any mitt pattern at all, and knit it with my shetland 4ply;
  3. or, you can use one of Felix’s mitt patterns and knit it in any yarn (this includes creating your own pattern using one of Felix’s amazing stranded colourwork books!).
  4. if you use my yarn to knit one of Felix’s mitt patterns, you get double points in the prize draws!!
  5. post your projects in the thread on my Ravelry group and on Instagram using the hashtag #MittsAlong to qualify for the prize draws! Don’t forget that posting such hashtags could also provide you with a gateway to growing your followers, and could work in a similar way to that of places like combin and Upleap when you wish to improve your online presence. But on saying that, you shouldn’t forget about all of the amazing prizes you can win as a result of using the hashtag #MittsAlong.
  6. & oh yeah, did i mention there will be prize draws!?!?!?!?!

i’m going to be casting on for a pair of Wild Mountain Time mitts, using this gorgeous neutral combo:

greige, midnight owl, mudder’s milk, hebridean

i know it can be tricky sometimes to visualise how colours are going to work together, so i’ve put together a few combos that i think would make great mitts!! here’s some ideas for you….

how about some blues & greens?….

blues & greens

grellow, bitter bug, ghillie dhu, blow winds blow

or all the purples?….

all the purples

bramble, cold sheep, midnight, the white hare

are you more into warm, autumnal colours?….


kelpie, ghillie dhu, ruanaidh, far darrig

or some blues & grays? you can see this combo knitted up in a pair here….

blues & grays

shoormal, selkie, dreich, lon-dubh

of course, there’s always the original…

the original!

grellow, twu wuv, ghillie dhu, ultraviolet

or what about pairing a neutral gray with a multicoloured skein?…


dreich, like a hummingbird, army & navy

as you can see, you could take one pair of mitts in a lot of different directions, depending on what colourways you choose to put together! so please come join us in the mitts-along next month – Felix has added a discount to her Wild Mountain Time pattern, i’ve discounted the book, and all the shetland 4ply is back in stock in the web shop (& there’s a great 15% discount on that too!!). join in if you can, i’d love to see your mitts!!!

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