old maiden aunt

well, i am now officially a spinster

not only am i an “unmarried” woman (& likely to remain so – like the button a friend from university had, “your old maiden aunt is probably a happy lesbian”!) but i now also own a spinning wheel. my ashford traditional arrived today from the lovely christine of spin off on arran, who sold me her old wheel & even delivered it right to my door.

naturally, i’ve spent the rest of the day trying it out – the green blob on top of the wheel is my first attempt at making “yarn”. i’m not going to show a closeup picture of it, because frankly, it’s awful (i had some plying issues). i’m hoping that more practice will help… either that, or i may start spinning single ply yarn.
also, i think i need a new chair – the only chair i own is my desk chair, and it’s on wheels, which is not the best idea for treadling – i kept having to scoot forward every so often as the treadling movement was causing me to roll away from the wheel. i’d like to say that’s why my yarn is so bad, but alas, i’m just not a great spinner yet.

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  1. rose 29/06/2006 at 2:30 pm #

    Congrats on getting a new wheel!

    I use a kitchen chair for spinning, with a small cushion at the back, and it works well.

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