noise = progress?

i want to be asleep.
however, the social club across the street decrees that i must stay awake, and listen to their loud & terrible music, and appaling karaoke. so instead of sleeping, i have been doing this:

baudelaire from the summer knitty, with the gorgeous wool/silk yarn that elaine brought back from spain for me. this is going to be my take-to-paris project, but i had to make sure i liked it first, didn’t i? despite a bit of trouble casting on (the yarn is quite “sticky”, and i had a slight problem tightening up my figure eight cast on because the yarn didn’t want to slide) i’m sailing through it already, aided by a few glasses of wine & my inability to go to sleep. as far as i’m concerned that means this is a brilliant pattern – if i can knit it while sleep-deprived & full of wine, yet still find it interesting & challenging when i’ve got my wits about me, then it’s beautifully written – & has a beautiful result so far as well.

now if only i could get some sleep…

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