mail catch-up

now i’m no longer blogless, i can catch up on thanks for some of the exciting snail mail i’ve been getting!

first up is my most amazing knitty secret pal, who started off this SP round with the incredible gift of a skein of handmaiden 4-ply silk/cashmere… wow. i’ve wanted to try this yarn for ages but could never afford it, and i can’t believe that someone would be generous enough to gift it to me! i’m searching for the perfect pattern before i knit this up, but i’m thinking toe-up ankle socks. (if anyone has a good toe-up pattern using this yarn please let me know!).

next is a package from bugheart, from her great monday giveaway – a little bug purse, a vintage compact with an owl picture on the front, and this tres chic vintage miss k shirt – perfect for my upcoming trip to paris (where everyone is much more glamorous than me, but i’ll try to blend in as best i can!). i love bugheart’s blog & try to read it every day – she’s way more artistic than i could ever hope to be, and likes bugs as well – who could ask for anything more?

and last but by no means least, my long-awaited (darn that international shipping!) new knitting tote from natalie dee, with the best logo i’ve ever seen. and yes, i will happily knit for tattoos.

One Response to mail catch-up

  1. bugheart 20/06/2006 at 1:19 pm #

    i am way
    more artistic!
    you don’t
    give yourself
    enough credit!
    i am glad you
    got the package
    and like
    the little items…
    purple earings
    on the way…
    i can find a top
    to match
    to mail!

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