important info for EU customers

dear EU customers, please read this post as it has some very important info re orders!!!

? starting on 1st july, the rules for sending to the EU from the UK are changing once again, and once again, none of the systems are in place yet to allow small businesses to deal with this in an easy or affordable way.

? ALL ORDERS WILL NOW BE SUBJECT TO TAX AND HANDLING FEES, regardless of order value, so PLEASE remember this when ordering. i currently have no other way of sending orders apart from via Royal Mail’s “Delivered Duties Unpaid” service as there isn’t a good system in place yet for me to deal with taxes & fees at the point of sale.

? this means that you as the customer are required to pay these fees before you receive your order. if you refuse the parcel because you don’t want to pay the fees, then either i’ll be charged to have it returned, or the parcel will just be destroyed, so PLEASE don’t refuse delivery. if this starts happening then i’ll have to suspend orders to the EU altogether, and i really don’t want to do that.

? i’m really upset & angry about all this Brexit fuckery. my lovely EU customers previously made up about 30% of my overall orders, and this has already plummeted to almost nothing since the start of this year. i know there are a lot of you who would love to place orders but just can’t afford the additional fees, and it’s taken a big chunk out of my income too, so it’s just shit for all of us really.

? i’m working on some ideas & ways that i may be able to deal with the fees on my end in the future, but at the moment, the additional cost & complications are more than i can take on. so please remember that if you order from me from the EU, then taxes & handling fees will be added to your order when it arrives with you. i’m sorry i haven’t been able to fix it on my end yet but will let you know if a solution becomes available.

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