here’s the weather…

towards the end of last year, Rachel from Daughter Of A Shepherd asked if i’d be interested in being a guest dyer for one of her amazing yarns, the RamJam Worsted – and of course i said yes!  i love Rachel’s yarns and the story of her brand, so it was a no-brainer to agree to something that would mean she’d send me a box of yarn.  after a few dyeing experiments, we settled on the light gray base, and this arrived at the studio.

as well as being friends with Rachel in “real life”, i’ve also been following her on instagram for a while, and one of the things i love about her posts are her regular instagram stories featuring DeeDee the terrier.  Rachel often posts about her walks with DeeDee, and usually starts off with the caption “here’s the weather with DeeDee the terrier”.  i absolutely love these stories – Rachel’s nature photography is just gorgeous, and DeeDee’s antics always make me laugh.  one of my favourite things is the little video clips Rachel sometimes uploads of DeeDee bounding through her favourite meadow, and i decided to use that as my inspiration for the colourway.

since i was aiming for nature-inspired shades, i wanted to keep a hint of the natural gray base, so i used a pour-over method to layer a few shades of green and yellow meadow grass over the gray.

i was really pleased with how the yarn came out, and soon had a wall full of “here’s the weather” skeins!

alas, in the end i had to parcel them all up and send them back to Rachel (not gonna lie, i was quite sad to see them go…).  but they’re about to launch in the DOAS shop – there are only a limited number available, and if you don’t buy them all, i might need to buy some back for myself!  especially now that Rachel’s sent me a photo of how they knit up….

I MEAN COME ON. i bet even DeeDee approves.

you can get your hands on some on sunday 9th february if you go very quickly to Rachel’s shop!!

One Response to here’s the weather…

  1. Susan Sharpe 05/04/2020 at 1:51 am #

    Stumbled on your website when searching the internet for Hap designs. I am currently knitting the Hebridean Hap – Louise Tilbrook design, with DOAS Hebridean DK and LOVING it! When I received Rachel’s email about ordering OMA, I quickly responded, not realizing that there actually WAS an Old Maiden Aunt. So, I am anxiously awaiting your dying, delivery to DOAS, and mailing to me. Rachel even provided a link to a Ravelry pattern that will be perfect. Such an exciting time waiting for yarn from the UK.

    I am a HUGE fan of the show “Shetland” broadcast in the US on PBS. My husband was (deceased) a Sharpe – clan Stewart – with family origins in Edinborough. I will sign up for emails. Thank you and be well! Susan Sharpe, Cape Cod, MA, US.