fully completely

in my last post, i gave a sneak peek at another new colourway i’ve been working on recently, which is now available in the web shop (on the merino sock base to start with, but i’ll be rolling it out over all bases within the next few weeks). this new colourway is named “fully completely”, and most Canadians of my generation will know immediately what the inspiration for this colourway was.

when i was growing up in Canada, my teenage musical years were at the height of The Hip. The Tragically Hip, or just The Hip to their fans, are an amazing rock group from Kingston, Ontario – just half an hour’s drive from my hometown. while all of the band members are incredibly skilled musicians, their frontman Gordon Downie, lead singer and lyricist, is always the one who stood out the most. his incredible gift for words, his lyricism, and his mesmerising & slightly off-kilter stage presence caught my imagination; their 1992 album “Fully Completely” hit me right in my formative teenage years and has stuck with me ever since.

while my love for this album is hugely due to the content – stunning musical tracks, quietly brilliant lyrics, and the fact that its centre of reference is so overwhelmingly Canadian, the cover art played a massive part in the overall feel of the album. designed by Dutch artist Lieve Prins, the vividly bright bacchanalian scene is made up of multiple layered images and is beautifully, wonderfully colourful & weird.

fully completely cover art

in 2016, Gordon Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. it’s entirely possible that i’m talking about something and someone that you’ve never heard of, but in Canada, he and The Hip are iconic. they decided to put together a final show, and went cross-country on their Man Machine Poem tour. the last concert of the tour, and in all likelihood their last concert ever, was held in Kingston on 20th august 2016, and streamed live thanks to the CBC – and for those few hours, Canada stopped breathing.

i wasn’t able to watch it during the live streaming, and although i’ve found a recording of it since, i haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it yet. but i’ve been listening and re-listening to a lot of their work since then, and every time i hear Gordon Downie sing the first chorus of “fully completely” (“you’re gonna miss me/wait and you’ll see/fully and completely”) my heart breaks a little. so i did what i always do when something haunts me, and translated it into a colour.

fully completely
using the album cover art as my inspiration, this colourway has a base of deep blue & navy, layered with red, orange & purple as well as some slight touches of yellow. i wanted to be able to capture the feeling of the cover art, without copying it too exactly, and i’m really loving how it’s turned out.

it doesn’t express nearly as much as i would want to say, but it’s a small tribute to The Hip, and to Gord, in whom we will forever trust.

in gord we trust

(the tee is part of a fan-organised fundraiser for brain cancer research, and you can get your own here.)

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