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as you may have already seen if you follow me on instagram, THE BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED!!! and i even managed to fit all 3000 copies into the studio without too much disruption!!


the official launch of the book will be at Edinburgh Yarn Fest in march – this will be the first time the book is unveiled in public in all its glory! but next week, the first batches of pre-orders will go live in the Old Maiden Aunt shop. now, i know some of you are a little excited about the book and anxious to get your hands on it! but before you whizz off to the shop, here’s a little info about what the two pre-order options are – please take time to read these details!


books ordered using this option will be shipped out after Edinburgh Yarn Fest, starting 12-14th march.  please keep in mind that i’m a one-woman operation and that i live in a very small town with a very small post office – depending on how many pre-orders i receive, these may need to be shipped out in batches.  i may also need to batch according to country to make things easier for the post office, although i’ll do my best to ship in the order i received your pre-orders.  i would expect to have all books shipped out by the end of march.


there will be a very limited number of these on offer (100 copies!); this is simply so that i can try to control traffic flow around the OMA stand at EYF.  these 100 copies will also come with a super-special surprise extra!  if you pre-order for collection at EYF, you will be able to pick up your book (& special surprise!) at the OMA stand from 9am to 2pm on both the friday and the saturday.  (if you can’t make this time slot we should still be able to let you collect your book but you may have to wait a bit longer).  the lovely elaine (@socherryknits on instagram) will be your book-collection helper so look out for this gorgeous face at the OMA stand!

(taken at the EYF photobooth 2016 & copyright Christos & Dafni)

(taken at the EYF photobooth 2016 & copyright Christos & Dafni)


regardless of which pre-order option you choose, PLEASE DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER ITEMS TO YOUR CART!!!
that is to say, please only place a pre-order for the book on its own – if you want to also order yarn, please do so in a separate order.  yarn orders are shipped out as soon as i receive them, but the books won’t be shipping until mid-march. the studio space is especially limited at the moment due to boxes of books and extra EYF yarn everywhere, so i don’t have the space to hold yarn orders to be shipped with your book pre-order.  the postage costs will also be based on sending the book on its own (which will hopefully be cheaper than the standard parcel rate) so i won’t be able to ship yarn and pre-ordered books together.  the same goes for pre-order for EYF collection – i just can’t organise book pre-orders plus EYF yarn prep and keep track of anything extra. please be aware that if you place an order that has extra items in the cart i will cancel and refund it as i simply can’t keep track of yarn pre-orders as well.

there will also be copies for sale on the day at EYF – i’ll try to bring as many as i can but will be limited to what can fit in the car! i would expect that there will be more than enough copies to go around, but keep in mind that this print run only has 3000 copies, so there is a possibility that they might sell out – if you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy, you might not want to wait around for too long…

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