coming home – full house!!!

i’m super-excited that Edinburgh Yarn Fest is just around the corner, because it means Coming Home will finally be released into the world!! the “official launch” (aka the first time it will be seen in public!) will be at EYF next weekend, with a very few copies still available to pre-order for collection; the pre-order-for-shipping copies will be heading out in the post as soon as i get back from EYF as well so soon copies of my book will be all over the world!

the idea for the book was born during EYF last year (possibly after one gin too many – it seemed like a good idea at the time!) and it’s pretty amazing to think that something that’s taken nearly a year to come together is finally heading out to all of you. it’s incredibly exciting and totally terrifying at the same time, although i could say the same thing about the whole process of making the book in the first place! there was so much for me to learn; there were a lot of things i knew i didn’t know, and even more things that i didn’t know i didn’t know! thankfully i had a fantastic team of women around me who were all incredibly generous with their time and knowledge, which help steer us all safely through.


not only am i excited about EYF because of launching the book, but i’m also excited to finally get together with (almost) all of the book contributors. this book wouldn’t exist without their skill and expertise – and willingness to share it – and i’m really happy to be able to meet up with them at EYF (possibly for more gins!). but then it occurred to me – since almost all of us will be at EYF, why not add a little fun to the book launch?

so, here’s the plan – if you’re coming to EYF, get ready to play Coming Home bingo!!!! everyone except for Kirsten Kapur, Clara Parkes, and our marvellous book designer Nic Vowles will be at EYF; working on stands, teaching, or just drifting about being fabulous. the aim of the game is to get EVERY contributor who’s at EYF to sign your copy of Coming Home (you can collect all the signatures on the “contributors” page at the back of the book, or anywhere else in the book you fancy – although it’s probably best to get them all on the same page or two). then, instagram or tweet a photo of your signature collection with the hashtag #OMAcominghome – and don’t forget to tag me in the photo (i’m @oldmaidenaunt)! if you get a full house, i’ll add you to the draw to win one of a few fab prizes – there’ll be yarn to knit one or more of the projects in the book, a notions pouch kit from lorna (aka stitchbirdie), and possibly more!

see you at EYF – we’ll all be practicing our autographs for you!!

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  1. susan 02/03/2017 at 9:45 am #

    Awww – I wanna play too – but I’m far too many miles away to be there for Coming Home bingo. Grand idea the autographs. Have a grand time 🙂


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