coming home – behind the scenes with jeni

here’s a little behind-the-scenes peek at the Coming Home photoshoot! i was super excited when Jeni Reid agreed to be the book’s photographer – self-taught pro photographer Jeni has created some absolutely stunning images and the book wouldn’t be the same without them. knitting is a very visual craft, and i’m astounded at the beauty she’s managed to capture in the official photos – but here’s some that didn’t make it into the book….

© Jeni Reid

Scotland in October might not be everyone’s first choice for a photo shoot, even on the sunniest day, the light begins to fade about 2pm, it’s cold and there’s a 99% chance of rain. But “Coming Home” is all about Scotland and I believe that it’s impossible to fully appreciate the country until you’ve experienced it in all weathers. Scots talk about weather a lot, because there’s a lot of weather to talk about. Our climate is unpredictable and capricious, one minute there’s sunshine and blue skies and the next it’s hailstones and high winds. This changeability is one of the things I love about my country, we have four very definite seasons and even on the chilliest dark mornings, there’s the knowledge that if we hold on long enough, warmer days will follow. Followed by rain of course, no Scottish summer is complete without rain.

© Jeni Reid – our home for the weekend

It was sunny when we arrived in Dumfries and Galloway for the “Coming Home” photo shoot. It stayed sunny for the whole of the first day as we walked around the countryside looking for locations. Then it rained, along with mist, lots of wind and a dramatic blast of thunder and lightning. Every now and then the wind would blow the clouds away and a small glimmer of sun would sneak through but we couldn’t relax, the weather was changing by the minute.

© Jeni Reid – a struggle to control the reflector in high winds!

Being October, it was also very cold and while most of us could wear waterproofs, spare a thought for Jules our long-suffering model who had to look glamourous while wearing only smart indoor clothes and various items of fancy knitwear.

© Jeni Reid – a soaked Amelia does some delicate knitwear adjustments

The rest of the team didn’t get off lightly either, holding the reflector in high winds is a tricky job as Lilith discovered and Amelia found herself pressed into service as emergency umbrella holder to keep me (and more importantly my camera) dry. Luckily for us, when Lesley wasn’t on duty as dog-handler, she was back at the cottage with cups of tea and a pot of soup on the stove ready to warm up the workers when we stopped for breaks. By the end of the shoot every one had a cold.

© Jeni Reid – Lesley in action as the photoshoot’s official dog-wrangler!!

I got back home and started looking at the photos worried that they might be a bit dull. But in true Scottish style, the weather had a surprise for me. The rain and mist that had been so difficult to work in looked glorious in the images. The damp atmosphere meant that the colours were clear and strong revealing the full beauty of Lilith’s colours and showing all the shades and textures of the landscape that inspires them. When the sun does make an appearance everything shines and Jules looks like a warrior queen striding through her land. There’s a romance and sense of mystery that would not have existed had the weather been more reliable. It seems that Scotland’s ridiculously unpredictable weather was just what we needed.

© Jeni Reid

you can find more of Jeni’s work on her website, or follow her on instagram for loads of gorgeous shots. Coming Home is now available for pre-order, and you can find it in the web shop!!!

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