yet another pair of jaywalkers, posted in response to another offer of prizes! i’m a sucker for those prizes…

here are the jaywalkers, as i often find them, under attack.
the dog, alas, has a bit of a fetish for hand-knitted socks, and the more expensive the yarn, the better – he especially likes koigu. so far he’s been caught in the act before doing any damage, and all socks are now hung to dry in a dog-free zone.

and the sock on its own… i knitted it in opal handpainted sock yarn on 2.5mm bamboo dpns, & continued the zig/zag pattern on to the heel flap. i most often wear slip-on backless shoes with my handknitted socks, so i usually carry the pattern from the leg down the heel flap just for fun. the only problem i had with knitting these is the sizing – i had to size up slightly as it’s a very snug fit! & i broke the point off one of my dpns, but that’s not grumperina’s fault.

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