back in the spin

so i’ve heard rumours that people dye their own roving for spinning, but i have no idea how it’s done. as if that would stop me from trying it anyways… *

starting with white merino roving from texere, some cherry kool-aid, & a pyrex dish, i just laid the roving in the dish & poured the kool-aid over the top (very scientific, eh?). then i microwaved it for a couple of minutes – i’m not sure if i microwaved it for long enough, but i was a bit worried about the whole thing going up in (cherry/sheep scented) smoke! after it cooled down, i rinsed it out & hung it up to dry, which took a while.

i tried to spin it up fairly thinly, and as consistently as i could manage. i’m not someone who feels that i need to be 100% consistent; if i wanted that, i’d just use machine-spun yarn. i think that part of the beauty of handmade objects are the tiny imperfections that remind us that they were made by a person, and not a machine.

and the result – about 225 yards of a 2-ply yarn, slightly heavier than sock weight, of a colour that i can only describe as “candyfloss”. it’s more pink than i would have hoped, as i’m not a big pink fan, but all in all i’m really pleased with the results.

* after i did some online research (naturally, i didn’t do that before i tried dyeing, don’t be silly!) i’m pretty sure that my method isn’t that great, & i’m concerned that the colour may not stay. so don’t try this at home – look it up somewhere else first!

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  1. Fiberjoy 01/08/2006 at 4:12 pm #

    LOL – cherry/sheep scented smoke – I can scarcely imagine such a stench!

    The yarn turned out great, maybe the color will hold fast. Did you soak it in vinegar?

    I’ve been thinking about dyeing rovings and now you’ve made it sound so simple! I agree about handspun yarn looking like it is handspun. We too often want perfection when really perfection can be keeping things more simple and natural.

  2. Midsummer night's knitter 01/08/2006 at 6:25 pm #


  3. roro 04/08/2006 at 4:50 pm #

    Wow. Gorgeous! I’m not much of a pink person myself, but that colour looks really lovely.

    Have got to stop lusting after your spinning wheel/fine spinning ability.

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