arianna’s garden

i absolutely love a beautiful garden, i love gardens that look wild but planned, what’s known as a “cottage garden” style (i think!). i love seeing flowers popping up everywhere, spilling out of flowerbeds & onto paths, hearing happy bees buzz busily about.

a photo of irises and greenery with a gray fence visible in the background

i am not, alas, a natural gardener.

a close up photo of pink flowers with a yellow centre

i don’t know when you’re supposed to plant things, or prune things, or feed things, or what soil works best for what. i don’t know how to discourage pests or tempt in the precious pollinators. i don’t especially like getting sweaty and dirty and having to fend off spiders. i don’t even know sometimes what’s a weed and what isn’t. but that doesn’t stop me!

in these weird and unsettling times, i’ve found a lot of solace in my garden. at the moment, my garden only exists in my mind, and in a notebook that i’m slowly filling with ideas & plans (this is one of the ways that i’m using my new bullet journal that i posted about on instagram the other day!). i’m making lists of beautiful flowers (i also love having flowers in the house, so at the moment i’m focusing on plants for a “cutting garden”), and researching how & when to plant them. i’m writing out notes of planting instructions, how to grow from seed, and what things like “pinching out” mean. i’m plotting all the bits & pieces that i need, which all have unfamiliar names like “cold frames”, “coir pellets”, and “copper mixture”, and reading internet debates about using toilet rolls to grow sweet peas from seed (apparently it encourages deep roots!). none of it actually exists yet, but it’s still giving me comfort.

if anything, it gives me something to look forward to, right? when the weather starts to clear up a bit, and i have more time on my hands, i will be straight into that garden to turn everything i have dreamed about into a reality. there are still so many things that i have yet to think about, so this should keep me busy in the meantime though. you know the things i mean. like how i’m going to keep all the horrible pests at bay. i don’t mind the bees because they need the pollen to make honey. but i don’t want rodents or other horrible insects being drawn to my garden, as otherwise, i’d have to get in touch with somewhere like to help me get rid of them. of course, i could always use repellent, but i’m not quite sure how effective this would be. at least with pest control experts, i know that they will be gone for good. they may even give me some tips on how to keep them away, which would be pretty useful. i have a lot to think about before i get to this point though, but i just can’t wait to get started.

a close up photo of a vibrant pink dahlia with a gray fence behind it

ultimately, gardening is about hope. hope that the seeds and bulbs you plant will become something more than just stored potential, and that they won’t be eaten by slugs or stolen by squirrels. hope that this time, you’ll remember to weed the flowerbeds before the flowers disappear in a tangle of grass & brambles. hope that ideas can somehow become reality. and hope that come the spring, and the summer, things will be beautiful, and that you’ll be there to see it all.

one of the places that i’ve been using for inspiration, and also just to look at beautiful pictures, is my friend’s instagram page. she lives in London, but has managed to create an absolutely stunning garden, making use of every bit of a small space and building my idea of exactly what a garden should be – carefully planned, but still a bit wild; filled with flowers of every description; just so soothing to look at that every time she posts a photo i want to get in the car & go live there.

a photo of a beautiful small garden, with greenery, tress, flowers, and a gravel path leading off into the distance

it’s been such a source of joy for me this year that it’s spilled over into my work, and i couldn’t help myself – i’ve created a new colourway to add to my collection, which is called “arianna’s garden”. it’s a layered mix of fresh greens & yellows, soft pinks & purples, and a touch of blue-gray.

three skeins of yarn dyed in variegated pinks, yellows, greens, and blues

at the moment, i’ve just dyed it up on the merino sock, and there are a few skeins available in the web shop. i’m planning to roll it out across all bases but that could take a few weeks so if you’re looking for it on other yarns please send me an email and i’ll try & get it dyed up for you as quickly as i can! i have no idea if all my garden plans will come to fruition, but even if they don’t, at least i’ll still have it in yarn form, and will keep looking at Arianna’s photos and dreaming of the day i can create my own beautiful garden space.

all photos apart from the yarn skeins are from Arianna – thank you lovely!!

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  1. Arianna 04/09/2020 at 12:58 pm #

    This is just so beautiful Lilith, I’m so happy it’s given you joy to look at online. And of course, whenever you are down in London you can come and smell the flowers and we can talk gardening for hours with a few Gins! 🥰

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