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as i’m sure some of you are already aware, i’m not able to use Ravelry in the way that i usually would. it’s a long saga, but essentially since the new-look update my relationship to Ravelry has changed massively. i can’t use the NewRav for any length of time without getting a migraine; so far changes to make it usable are not forthcoming, and although i can still use Classic Rav, i’m reluctant to continue to use it to keep track of projects like i normally would. and since i’ve just finished a new sweater, i thought i’d take a trip back to my pre-Ravelry days and do an old-fashioned blog post!


image description: lilith is standing against a wooden wall wearing a blue-green sweater with a cable detail around the hem; her hands are in her pockets & she’s smiling.


this is the Abbeyhill Sweater, a new design by Ysolda which should be out next month. i was one of the preview knitters, and made pattern size 7. and i absolutely love it!!! it’s a great relaxed fit, with some nice detailing – the cable pattern around the hem is fairly intricate, but since it’s knitted bottom-up, once you’re past that it’s all stockinette. the yoke is constructed in a really interesting way – it doesn’t use raglan decreases or a standard round-yoke construction, but rather a set of radial decreases which become an interesting design feature. i can see myself wearing this a LOT over the autumn & winter (& probably spring & Scottish summer) months.


image description: lilith is standing against a wooden wall wearing a blue-green sweater with a cable detail around the hem; her arms are outstretched to show off more of the yoke detail & she’s smiling.


project specs:

date started: 14th july 2020

date completed: 16th august 2020

pattern: Abbeyhill Sweater by Ysolda Teague

yarn: Old Maiden Aunt Yarns Corriedale sportweight (410g/1520yds) and Shetland cobweb (120g/960yds) held together; colourway “crazy ivan”

needles: 4.5mm (cabled section) and 4mm (rest of sweater)

modifications: i took ten rows off the body length to make it slightly more cropped; i wanted a slightly deeper yoke so added those ten rows back into the yoke before starting the decreases. i worked the neckband in 2×2 rib instead of 1×1 rib as written so it would match the cuffs & hem. i accidentally cast on for the size 6 sleeves and didn’t want to rip back so just did extra increases until my stitch count was right for the size 7, so my sleeves are slightly longer than they should be. and, i worked the yoke decreases slightly differently than the finished pattern because i hadn’t updated the pattern i was working from to the updated/final version!!


overall this was a great pattern to knit and i think it’s going to be an amazing sweater to wear!!!

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