a work in progress

so i thought i’d start off by making my knitting skills look as impressive as i possibly could by showing off my most complicated work in progress (without revealing that my other works in progress are ribbed sleeves for a sweater and more pairs of socks than i could ever possibly wear, unless i were a millipede).

the project is the most impressive susan shawl from Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves , and the yarn is laceweight cashmere from hipknits, dyed for the first month of their cashmere club. it was pure luck for me that it happened to be these colours – i’d been searching for the perfect yarn to knit this shawl as a way to remember my granny, who died in 2004 & is greatly missed. i liked the idea of creating something soft & delicate, yet warm & strong & comforting, because that’s how i remember her. she was a keen gardener as well as a knitter, so the leaf-like pattern of this shawl really appealed to me, and when the yarn arrived from hipknits the colours were perfect – exactly the colours i associated with my beautiful scottish granny, a sort of blue/purple/silver/gray, like the muted heather i always picked to take home with me every time we came over to visit her. of course i cast on immediately…

the first picture is lifted from the book, to show what the finished shawl will look like, it’s a faroese-style shawl, which means it’s shaped to sit over the shoulders. & the other picture shows the test swatch (yes, i actually swatched for this!) which gives a good illustration of the stitch pattern, as well as how far i’ve progressed (alas, photographing lace never gives impressive results – i’m actually about 9″ into the body of the shawl, honestly!).

i’ve been working on it while listening to audio books, since the pattern is complex enough that i can’t watch tv while i knit it (not even something as brainless as big brother, elaine!). so far i’ve made it through “pride & prejudice” (i think it was a good match of knit/lit) and now i’m starting a sherlock holmes mystery – classic books for a classic shawl.

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