a little housekeeping

the past eighteen months or so have been an odd time for small businesses.  first COVID-19, then the effects of Brexit, not to mention increased costs in just about every area of running a business – it’s been… interesting.  it’s definitely been very tough in a lot of ways, but it’s also given a lot of us an opportunity to look at how things have been going and really take stock of our business and how we want to move forward.

for me, part of that taking stock has been a literal stock-take – really looking at which yarns are selling and why, and figuring out if there’s a better way to organise things in the web shop so that i can make sure customers are getting what they want without making things too difficult for myself!

one of the big challenges has been figuring out stock levels, especially after nearly two years of no in-person shows to stock up for!  it’s hard to balance trying to keep a good level of stock in the shop, in the yarns that people generally want to buy immediately, and figuring out which yarns and colourways are the best-sellers and which aren’t.  as a result of that, i’m going to be making a few changes in the shop stock.

firstly, the superwash merino singles are going to be discontinued – i’m no longer going to be offering this base for sale.  i still have about 45 skeins left of the undyed base, so i’ve created a dyed-to-order listing for this base at a discounted price to sell off the remaining skeins – all you need to do is choose your colourways!

secondly, i’m also discontinuing the colourway “fully completely” – i really love it, but it’s not a fantastic seller, and there’s not much point in me continuing to dye loads of it if it’s just going to sit on the shelves.  if you’re a big fan of the colourway then i’m happy to dye some up for you – just email me and let me know what you’d like, and i’ll keep dyeing it to request until the end of this year!

and finally, the three shetland bases are now only going to be offered as a dyed-to-order option, in the same way as the corriedale sportweight  & the merino/cashmere dk.  they’re really good core yarns and i don’t want to discontinue them, but they tend to be sporadic sellers, when people take a notion for a special woolly project.  i don’t like having dyed stock sitting around unsold for too long, so it makes more sense to offer these as a dyed-to-order yarn, that way you can choose your base/quantity/colourway and have it custom-dyed for you!!

hopefully that all makes sense and doesn’t disappoint anyone – it’s always tricky trying to balance what customers want with what makes sense for me in how i run my business.  if you have any questions just drop me an email!!

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