storm to weather

storm to weather

well, it continues to be quite a strange time, doesn’t it?  it’s been a rough almost-two-years for a lot of us, and it seems like just when we think things might be starting to calm down, and we can maybe regain some equilibrium, the world starts to get rocky again.  running a micro-business during a {…Continue Reading}

shetland cobweb all colourways

a little housekeeping

the past eighteen months or so have been an odd time for small businesses.  first COVID-19, then the effects of Brexit, not to mention increased costs in just about every area of running a business – it’s been… interesting.  it’s definitely been very tough in a lot of ways, but it’s also given a lot {…Continue Reading}


important info for EU customers

dear EU customers, please read this post as it has some very important info re orders!!! 💔 starting on 1st july, the rules for sending to the EU from the UK are changing once again, and once again, none of the systems are in place yet to allow small businesses to deal with this in {…Continue Reading}


hey you!!!

hey you! yes, you!! wanna buy some YARN???!? i’ve been doing a bit of a studio tidy, and have decided that some of this yarn has been sitting on the shelves for far too long, so i’m running a surprise spring-cleaning sale!! all older dyelot stock is currently 20% off – that’s essentially anything that {…Continue Reading}


mad as a hatter

you’d probably all agree that this year has been tough. we’ve all been feeling it in one way or another – COVID lockdowns, work & money worries, the looming Brexit deadline, uncertainty, anxiety, illness, exhaustion. it’s been a hard time for most of us, and it doesn’t feel like it will get easier anytime soon. {…Continue Reading}

photo ID: three skeins of yarn in layered shades of red, orange, and yellow.

tomatoes & marigolds

earlier this year, i was contacted by Sarah, who organises the Flower Power Fund to raise money for Marie Curie.  if you aren’t already familiar with Marie Curie, they’re a charity organisation that provides help and support to people with terminal illness.  although their initial focus was associated with cancer care, they now provide help {…Continue Reading}

an image of three skeins of yarn in layered colours of blue, green, yellow and rust

scream inside your heart

2020 has been quite a year so far, hasn’t it.  i don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s been feeling a bit like a rollercoaster to me, and there seem to have been a awful lot of downs and not so many ups.  we’re all just muddling through as best we can, and {…Continue Reading}

a photo of skeins of yarn dyed in purples, greens, & blues.

wild mountain thyme

as most of you will probably already know from instagram, we recently had to say goodbye to our lovely old dog Finn.  he’d been with us for fifteen years so it was pretty heartbreaking, and we’re still adjusting to the huge empty space he left behind.  but we have so many lovely memories of him, {…Continue Reading}

three skeins of yarn dyed in variegated pinks, yellows, greens, and blues

arianna’s garden

i absolutely love a beautiful garden, i love gardens that look wild but planned, what’s known as a “cottage garden” style (i think!). i love seeing flowers popping up everywhere, spilling out of flowerbeds & onto paths, hearing happy bees buzz busily about. i am not, alas, a natural gardener. i don’t know when you’re {…Continue Reading}

yarn fade

community yarn fund – an update

at the start of this year, i posted about introducing a Community Yarn Fund with the idea of trialling it for a few months and seeing how it went & what happened.  i was excited about the idea of enabling people to access hand-dyed yarn whose finances wouldn’t normally allow it, but was concerned about {…Continue Reading}